Alles wat er was






“Alles wat er was” was choreographed by Marijke De Vos. It was presented in Rotterdam in March 2015 in an old school building with peculiar shapes and lights. I was so intrigued by the work on a visual level that I had to give myself time to watch the whole performance, in order for the images to sink in.

I have tried to highlight certain atmospheres given by the space itself and a sort of melancholic but firm mood expressed by the relation between the performers (Pedro Alves, Jip Heijenga, Alisa Komarowa and the child Sarah Korving). It meant being spatially far apart from the bodies of the dancers but still feeling close to them.
The eye of the observer was constantly stimulated by a chain of actions and events. I captured instinctively the ones that touched me the most. Since I was trained as performing artist and dance maker, I constantly look for compositions and details organizing bodies and space.


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