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The triumph of advertising

Voor dit gedicht heb ik gebruik gemaakt van de 'Google sculpting-techniek'. Bij deze techniek voert de dichter minimaal één Google-zoekterm in en componeert hij een gedicht uit de zoekresultaten. Dit gedicht is opgebouwd uit de zoektermen 'Adorno Culture Industry' en 'Why do bad things happen to good people?' en incorporeert zowel de narratieve structuur van de laatste term als kernconcepten uit de eerste. Onderstaand gedicht is de eerste in een reeks waarin ik Google-sculpting gebruik om te onderzoeken hoe betekenis wordt overgedragen van primaire tekst op zoekresultaten.


The cookie broke and sunk to the bottom because there are myriad karmic causes conspiring to bring about this question asked in one form or another by people throughout human history

began with the degenerative disease coined by the media offering unparalleled insights in the spiritual constitution of the opposite of ‘true’.

There is another, even better known authentically ‘None of us deserves’ referred to as banality constituting a principal source of domination

succeeded in petitioning to forgive the sin of forging meaning out of all.

Fed with this resentment toward and rebellion against a faith-shaking and senseless waste Enlightenment

reminds of when atomic bricks splash all on Education and social class Rather than simply bolstering the notion and its applications in the mid-twentieth century.

But that assumes there are well known creating consumers Part of the very notion media

Résumé: the concept that reasons invade entertainment specific to must-have “secret hostility” mindless in its effect.

Spontaneous, organic writings collected the founding “iron system” in the voice control relation

of non-identity, an increase found post-war on CT throws in the inevitable Regardless of technology, just as it helped false needs tighten.

A part-year depiction and FREE of *** (out of *****) exists for all eternity can build perceptions There’s no

previous, negative progressiveness moments routinized and commodified.

Who can say ideas first when centred upon the appearance things are so ridiculous, ultimately

we are the feature upon this earth becoming questions, comments, or concerns points the contained Deception the truth, triumph of advertising.

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